A Juicy Addition: The Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos

Written by: Scott Murphy



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The Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos: A Refreshing Collaboration

Unexpected Leak: The Juicy bits

Originally thought to be just a sample, the Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos is now confirmed to be heading for an official release. This collaboration with Mexican drinks company Jarritos is a testament to the creative spirit of Nike SB, which has been known for its unique and sometimes unexpected collaborations over the years. This particular pair stands out as one of the most wearable and fun designs in recent memory, boasting a variety of playful details and colours.

The Design: A Nod to the Jarritos Brand

The Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos takes on a white leather upper, providing a clean and versatile base for the design. The overlays are finished with a beige hemp material, adding a touch of natural texture to the shoe. The swoosh, outsole, and laces are rendered in a bold green, a clear nod to the distinct colours of the Jarritos branding.

The Embroidered Graphic: A Tribute to the Classic Mandarin Flavour

One of the standout features of the shoe is the embroidered graphic on the heel, which depicts the Jarritos jug pouring out its classic Mandarin flavour. This fun detail not only adds a unique touch to the design but also pays tribute to one of Jarritos' most beloved beverages.

The Co-Branded Approach: Beneath the Surface

The tongue and heel tags boast co-branded touches that read “NIKE” and “JARRITOS”, celebrating the collaboration between the two brands. These details are a testament to this unique partnership's successful fusion of the sportswear and beverage industries.

The Tear-Away Layers: A Surprise Beneath the Surface

One of the most exciting features of the Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos is the tear-away layers. This isn't just a design choice; it's an interactive element that adds a whole new dimension to the shoe.

The tear-away layers reveal a vibrant orange finish beneath the shoe's surface, further nodding to the signature colours of Jarritos' favourite beverage. This hidden detail is more than just a pop of colour; it's a nod to the playful and innovative spirit of the Jarritos brand.

But the real fun lies in the process of revealing this vibrant orange layer - Each layer is designed to wear away over time, gradually revealing the orange finish beneath. This means that the more you wear the shoes, the more unique they become. Each scuff, scratch, and wear mark will slowly reveal the vibrant orange layer, making each pair unique to its wearer.

The Release: Coming Sooner Than You Think

While there's no official release date yet, but the Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos could launch sooner than we think. So, keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more information and content. We'll be sure to share more details as soon as we have a pair in hand for you.


Edit: They've Dropped!

They're here! You can cop yourself a fresh set of Jarritos here, our anticipated shoe of the year.