Coming Soon: The Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Orange Label

Written by: Scott Murphy



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The Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Orange Label: Just in Time for Summer

Just when you thought the Nike SB line couldn't get hotter, here comes the Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Orange Label.

Dropping just in time for summer, this shoe is designed with the season in mind - The vibrant purple suede accents pop against the white tumbled leather base, reflecting summer's lively and energetic vibe. 


The design is fresh and bright, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their footwear during the sunniest season of the year.

Signature Nike SB Details: Reinforced Upper and Cushioned Tongue

The Orange Label Branding: Standing Out in the Crowd

The orange label branding is a standout feature, adding a pop of colour to the design. This isn't just a logo; it's a badge of honour for those who know what wearing the Nike SB line means.

Designed for Durability and Comfort

These shoes are a skater's dream - With a reinforced upper designed to withstand the rigours of skating and a cushioned tongue for extra comfort, it's the perfect shoe for those long days on the boards.

The Unique Design: White Tumbled Leather and Plush Purple Suede Accents

The Court Purple Orange Label is a work of art. The white tumbled leather base is overlaid with plush purple suede accents, creating a tone similar to the previously released “Court Purple” Dunk Low. But this isn't a rehash of an old design; it's a fresh take on a classic, giving brighter sunset vibes.

The Classic Touch: Gum Outsole and Vibrant Upper

The gum outsole offers a classic touch that ties in well with the vibrant upper. And with the orange label branding standing out, this shoe is a statement that cannot be ignored.


The Recent Heat of Nike SB Line Releases

The Nike SB Line: Dropping Major Heat

Nike's SB line has been on fire recently, dropping some serious heat. The Jarritos collaboration, for instance, has been a game-changer. It's not just a shoe; it's a contender for shoe of the year. And it's not just popular; its aftermarket value is already spiking.

The Jarritos Collaboration: A Contender for Shoe of the Year

The Jarritos collaboration has been a standout release, proving to be a contender for shoe of the year. See our full thoughts in our Blog post about the Jarritos collaboration here.

Rising Value on the Aftermarket

The value of the Nike SB line has been spiking on the aftermarket, demonstrating the popularity and demand for these unique sneakers.