Cop Them Now: The Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Cement

Written by: Scott Murphy



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The Legacy of the Jordan 4

Each season we are treated to a new collection of Jordan's, with various silhouettes and colourways perfect for various styles and tastes. One of the most commonly chosen is the Jordan 4, a silhouette with a firm place in history. 

The Jordan 4's popularity stems from its association with basketball legend Michael Jordan and its versatile design that seamlessly blends sporty aesthetics with streetwear sensibilities. 

Its recurring presence in new collections time after time testifies to its timeless appeal.

Michael Jordans Iconic Dunk Competition Win

The Unique Design of the Red Cement

The Arrival of the Red Cement

The latest of which is deemed the “Red Cement”, a brand-new colourway for the Jordan 4 line and one which draws inspiration from the iconic “White Cement” iteration that hasn’t seen a release since 2016 but features a bold red which feels like a call back to his Chicago Bulls days.

What Makes the Red Cement Different

This pair boasts the same white leather upper as the aforementioned “White Cement”, but instead of the grey accents, we see bright red details on the midsole and infamous wings that wrap around the midfoot.

Finishing off the smooth upper is pops of black on the midsole, lace loops, and inner lining, resulting in a cool contrast that makes this a very wearable pair and an easy addition to the daily rotation.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Cement Rear View
Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Cement Birdseye View
Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Cement Sole View
Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Cement Outside Foot View

Cop Them Whilst They're Hot

The Air Jordan 4 Red Cement is now available and ready to hit the rotation. Although this pair misses the height of summer in terms of release date, it’s for sure an easy pair to slot into an outfit no matter the season. The leather upper ensures durability and the limited use of colour means they can be worn with anything, which is a trait we all enjoy in the sneaker world.