Coming Soon: The Nike SB Dunk Low x Alexis Sablone

Written by: Scott Murphy



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Who is Alexis Sablone?

If you are familiar with Alexis Sablone, you will be aware of her many talents, not just including skating. She is a qualified architect, holding a master’s degree from MIT and a degree in architecture from Barnard College in New York City. Her talents in skating began at a young age, entering her first contest when she was 12, an all-girls skate jam in Rhode Island in which she finished second. The following year, she attended a contest in New Jersey, finishing first and gaining recognition from the brand Element, who entered her into a competition in Huntington Beach, California, where Alexis unfortunately rolled her ankle and bid to never compete in skating again. This then led to summer camps and Alexis travelling to Boston each weekend to skate, slowly gaining popularity thanks to her impressive tricks and skating style. Following on from this, Alexis took a different route due to the belief that female skaters had no market, attending college and graduating with an architecture degree, which then led to jobs in the hospitality sector and a brief break from skating. However, after a friend convinced her to enter the Maloof Money Cup in which she placed sixth, Alexis went on to compete in the X games the same year, placing 2 nd and beginning the roll of attending every X Games since 2009. This success also included an appearance at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics representing team USA, a first for the sport and leading to her becoming the coach for the national team. It’s evident that Alexis is a well-respected name within the skating scene, so news of a Nike SB collaboration is well deserved. We have gone into details of the upcoming pair below, read on for more information.

Nike SB Dunk Low x Alexis Sablone
Alexis Sablone at the Tokyo Olympics 

Which Details Stand Out?

Upon first impressions, the Nike SB Dunk Low x Alexis Sablone are wild to say to the least. A white tumbled leather stands as the base, overlaid by a unique reptile texture with green and pink hues. The reptilian print is eye-catching and unique, ensuring this pair will be immensely popular and stand in a lane of their own compared to recent releases. The outer layer of the paint wears away to reveal a bold fuchsia layer beneath, further adding to the vibrancy of the pair and adding a fun finish that highlights the creativity of Alexis Sablone’s collaboration. Finishing off the pair is a sail midsole and a green rubber outsole, adding a clean touch that will stand out and contrast well against the bold upper.

Nike SB Dunk Low x Alexis Sablone

When Are They Releasing?

There is no official release date yet, but the Nike SB Dunk Low x Alexis Sablone are due to arrive at some point in the fall. These are for sure going to be one of the nicest and popular releases of the year, with certain skate stores being lucky enough to grab them for the launch. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the drop and once we get a pair in, we will be sure to drop an unboxing on our Instagram. Hit the links below to shop the latest additions from Nike SB in the meantime.