Dropping Friday: The Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 'Lapis Lazuli'

Written by: Scott Murphy



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Action Bronson: A Multitalented Icon

For those who don't know, Action Bronson is a man of many talents. He is a rapper, a chef, a TV presenter, and a professional wrestler, known for his laid-back, lyrical style of rap and a multitude of cooking shows he aptly names -


"F*ck, that's delicious".

Action has always stated his love for New Balance, so it was only right that his eventual collaboration would come to light, coming forth in the form of the newly released 990v6 silhouette.

Action Bronson on stage whilst rain falls

Introducing the 'Lapis Lazuli' Colourways

Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 “Lapis Lazuli” Outer Profile
Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 “Lapis Lazuli” Inner Profile
Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 “Lapis Lazuli” Birdseye Profile

Detailed Description of the 'Lapis Lazuli' Design

Although there are various shades of blue and different pops of colour, everything just seems to work. 

Primary layers of navy-blue dress the majority of the upper, whilst lighter and brighter tones of blue accent the overlays and midsole, and minor additions of purple, sky blue, and aqua appear elsewhere. 

The end result is a clean, contemporary pair that would fit in well with most outfits and stand the test of time in the rotation.

Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 “Lapis Lazuli” Heel Zoom Outside Profile
Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 “Lapis Lazuli” Rear Profile

When asked about the design, Action stated:

“It’s high elegance, thoughtful, harmonious… I see 15 different blues on there… like a mineral that’s been forming over millions and millions of years”.

Action Bronson in a crowd rapping

Inspiration Behind the Design

This colourway is dubbed the "Lapis Lazuli", a toned-down approach compared to the previously released Baklava iteration, which sported an eye-catching neon upper and drew inspiration from the many layers of Action’s life. The Lapis Lazuli iteration is aptly named after the blue gemstone, said to hold healing properties and aid in expressing feelings and emotions, tying in well with the thought process whilst designing this particular pair.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone from Afghanistan

When does it drop?

Set to drop Friday the 30th of June, the Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 “Lapis Lazuli” most definitely won’t be the last release in his relationship with New Balance. Known for his love of cooking and reviewing restaurants worldwide, it would be no surprise to see a pair based around one of these passions or destinations. Still, in the meantime, we will enjoy this collaboration and look forward to more New Balance heat.