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Bearbrick x Atmos Elephant 1000% Multi by Bearbrick from £1000.00

Bearbrick x Atmos Elephant 1000% Multi

Bearbrick x Atmos Elephant 1000% Multi

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Product Description

The Bearbrick x Atmos Elephant 1000% Multi is a highly sought-after collaboration between Bearbrick and Atmos. This limited edition collectible is a must-have for any Bearbrick enthusiast or fan of Atmos' iconic Elephant print. Standing at 1000% the size of a regular Bearbrick, this piece is a true statement-maker. The design of this Bearbrick is inspired by the famous Elephant print that has become synonymous with Atmos. The multi-colored pattern covers the entire surface of the Bearbrick, creating a visually striking and vibrant look. The attention to detail is exceptional, with each individual section of the print meticulously replicated. Made from high-quality vinyl, this Bearbrick is built to last. It features the signature Bearbrick shape and articulating limbs, allowing for various poses and display options. Whether you choose to showcase it on a shelf, desk, or as the centerpiece of your collection, this Bearbrick is sure to impress. With its limited availability and unique design, the Bearbrick x Atmos Elephant 1000% Multi is a must-have for collectors and fans alike. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this iconic piece of art.

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