The Best Nike Dunks College Colorways

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Originally releasing in 1985, the Dunk is one of the most iconic silhouettes in Nike’s playbook; firmly cementing itself in sneaker history and playing as the base of a variety of collaborations and limited releases. Designed as a basketball shoe, the silhouette took elements of the Air Force 1, Jordan 1, Legend, and Terminator and threw them all into one timeless shape that continues to dominate the market today. Although simple in design, the Dunk’s history is complex in nature and has leapt into a series of segments that vary from college themes to regional-exclusive colourways that have continuously grown in value.

However, regardless of how limited or hyped the iteration, the wearable iterations are what we see most, most notably those based on American college team colours. Recent releases have included such pairs as the Georgetown, Michigan, and Michigan State, whilst previous 2020 releases include the University Red, UNLV, and Kentucky. Each pair bares a similar resemblance with a two-tone upper consisting of the school colours resulting in a clean finish and allowing for easy outfit coordination. If we were to pick a personal pair, we’d definitely go for the UNC’s for summer and the Michigan States heading into the Autumn.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite Nike Dunk shots for you to enjoy, let us know which ones you’d like to wear most!

Georgetown Nike Dunks

Nike Dunk Low Georgetown

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Nike Dunk Low Michigan State

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Nike Dunk Low Michigan 

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