Friends of Kershkicks

Friends of Kershkicks

We Are Always Wanting To Get To Know Our Friends Better. So We Reached Out To Some Of Them From Around The World And Asked..

What’s Your Favourite 2 Items In Your Current Collection?

What’s Been Your Favourite Release Of 2022 So Far?

What’s The Ultimate Grail You’d Like To Own One Day?




No. 1
1. If I have to choose my favourite release Of 2022 for sure I type JJJJound x New Balance 990v3 Olive. V3 it’s best model for me right now Cuz I’m always on rush And walking a lot So need really comfortable shoes for long And short distance.

2. Still I miss New Balance 1500PIC x Colette. I’m looking for them long time but prices before So High for me And now really hard to find them at my size.

3. I’m not type of hypebeast So i choose practical things. I love wear my Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla and All things from PUMA x Ami collection. The quality Of these products soooo good and I know, I can wear them for many years.
No. 2
1. Favourite 2 pairs in current collection are bred 4s and the true blue 3s

2. Fav release of 2022 so far is the "Far Out" Concepts Air Max 1

3. Ultimate grail I honestly can't choose between as I've been after both pairs for so long. The Doernbecher 4s and Sean Wotherspoons 1/97
No. 3
1. Too difficult to choose only two favourite items from my collection 😅 I guess that number one should be my first pair , from which is where my sneaker collection began : it’s the Yeezy 350 blue tint 2017 , very comfy and I’m like this Colourway. The second pair must be Nike of course. it’s hard to choose only one , but it will be the af1 low black & off‑white , It was my first nike & off‑white pair and I bought them for retail price in store, I was in the centre of Moscow and saw that KM20 store opened free sell , I ran to store and managed to buy them 😅 today I’m mostly buying pairs for resell prices.

2. My favourite releases of 2022 , unfortunately there aren’t many interesting pairs dropped so far. Some one of them I like our the dunk low Jackie Robinson Day and AJ1 high og heritage , i’m waiting af1 low & off green

3. My Ultimate grail for sure aj1 high Chicago 1985
Wanna hold a part of story in my collection.
No. 4

1. My favourite two items in my current collection would have to be my 95 Atmos Jades & Greedy 3.0’s

2. I think my favourite release of 22 is probably the AM1 Heavy’s.

3.My ultimate grail would either be AM95 Day of the dead or to have the trilogy NB x Bodega 997s

No. 5
1. Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon & Nike Off White Black Zoom Fly

2. It's been a slow start to the year, but right now I'd say JJJJound x New Balance 990v4.

3.Patta Purple Denim AM1s
No. 6
1. Atmos air max 1 and chicago 1 low

2. 2022 is kinda weak so far but the Nike dunk low union pistachio is my favourite.

3. Grails no grail lol
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